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Chinese Therapist Near Me - Yue Lyu
Yue Lyu Calgary, Alberta
Individual, Adult, Anxiety
3 months licensed
Hi, I’m Dr. Yue. I’m a bilingual (Chinese and English) psychologist who helps people heal from self-doubt, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, immigrant stress, and other life challenges. Working with me goes beyond just sitting and talking. We will dive into your past experiences, including childhood, family, and relational history, and explore how your cultural background and intersecting identities shape how you think, feel, and behave. However, we don’t just stop at finding the “why,” we will also focus on “how” to feel better, such as building a personalized toolbox of coping strategies that you can apply to your daily life. Additionally, we will help you transform the current patterns that are no longer serving you into more adaptive patterns that are more aligned with your values and true self. This will help facilitate long-term changes in your life. You don’t have to keep hiding your true self. I see you, I see you are hurt, but I also see who you really are, and who you really can be. I will help you trust your inner wisdom, improve your confidence to stand up for what you need, build healthy relationships, and feel okay about sharing your true self with other people, without being shamed or afraid. If you are ready for a healing journey towards self-discovery, fostering self-compassion, and reconnecting with joy and confidence, reach out to me today for a free 15-minute non-obligated consult call. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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